After teaching in a English Primary School in Spain I have returned to the Isle of Wight where I grew up.

I learnt to knit when I was at primary school and have been knitting or crocheting ever since. I got hooked on knitting shawls when I couldn’t find the shawl I liked in the colour I wanted after having my colours assessed by House of Colour. I made a green shawl which I wore everywhere. My leaving gift to my closest friends were Aeolian Shawls, in different colours and sizes.

I now knit and design shawls, and scarves, customising them to suit people. I use mainly hand-dyed and hand-painted yarns and natural yarns ranging from cashmere, linen, to seaweed.

 Things you might like to know......

Name:     Christine

Location:  Isle of Wight. England

    Member of Institute for Learning

    CBR checked