Examples of Workshops I have run
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Beginners Workshop

Introduction to Knitting (Adults) 
This is a series of workshops over 3 weeks

-Learn one way to cast on and off.
-Do knit and purl stitches, leading to garter and stocking stitch.
-Using knit & purl stitch for ribbing and other types of stitch patterns.
-Look at the importance of tension.
-Discuss different kinds of needles and yarn. 

-Look at one way to weave in ends of the yarn.
- Start to look at selvedges.

Intermediate Workshops - General techniques
Fixing mistakes in your knitting
-Picking up dropped stitches.
-Unpicking parts of rows to correct mistakes.
-Tricks to help you make knitting easier.

Reading patterns and charts


-Different types of charts/patterns e.g. lace, cable, fair-isle.

-Tricks to help you understand charts /patterns.
-Looking at actual patterns.

Different ways to cast on and cast off

-Advantages and disadvantages to each method.

-Practicing different kinds of cast on and off.
-Different ways to cast on will include:-Long tail, Cable, Tubular, Provisional cast on.

- Different types of cast off will include:-Basic, Lace, Sewn

Shaping (various increasing and decreasing methods)

-Right and left slanting decreases/increases

-Increases will include:-make one, bar increase, knit front and back
-Decrease will include:- knit together, slip slip knit

-Double increases and decreases

-Calculating where to increase and decrease in a row

-Using short row wrapping to shape

Shaping inc. Short Rowing

  1. -Shaping by using decreases

  2. -Following the pattern’s instructions

-Theory behind short rowing

  1. -Examples of where short rowing would be used

  2. -The method of short rowing and practising

Some finishing techniques (Part 1)

-How to join different seams - Mattress Stitch / Kitchener Stitch / 3 needle cast off.
-Weaving in the ends

-Tension and swatching

Some finishing techniques (Part 2)

-Different ways to pick up stitches

Buttonholes and buttons

-Blocking and pressing