Types of Yarn

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 Everybody has heard of wool, but that only applies to what comes from sheep, there are lots of other types of yarns that can be used. 

Yarns can be dived into three groups, 
From an animal:- such as wool, silk
From a plant:- cotton, bamboo, tencel
Man-made:- acrylic

Of course each type of yarn can be mixed with another type & in this way using the best qualities from each.

Click on each yarn type in the menu to find out more about it.


Alpaca   *

Angora  *

Camel  *

Cashmere  *

Llama  *

Mink  *

Mohair  *

Silk  *

Wool  *

Yak  *


Bamboo  *

Cotton  *

Linen  *

Soybean  *

Sugarcane  *

Tencel  *


Acrylic  *

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